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Glitter Gloss Wall Workshop
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Glitter Gloss Wall Workshop
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Glitter Gloss Wall Workshop

Glitter Gloss Wall Workshop

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If you’re interested in learning how to paint the PERFECT Glitter Wall in only 2 coats then this is the class for you!!  

If you’re interested in learning how to create a beautiful multi-toned OMBRÉ Glitter Wall, then this is definitely the class for you!!!

If you’ve tried using Mod Podge and a foam brush, blown glitter out of a plate, or rolled on glitter and you didn’t like the finished wall, then this is the perfect class for you!!!


Glitter Gloss is a trowelable product that can be used to create any color Glitter Wall.  It’s very durable, shed resistant, and will not leave tons of glitter on the floor during Installation.  Perfect furniture and accessories.  Glitter Gloss will also give your canvas art the perfect touch of bling.


In this workshop you’ll learn:

1.  How to use Glitter Gloss Coat to create beautiful accent walls with little to no glitter on the floor.

2.  Surface Prep

3.  How to create Ombré Glitter Walls using Glitter Gloss Coat

4.  Learn how to tint Glitter Gloss Coat.

5.  Create Glitter Gloss Coat samples

6.  Create 2 Ombré Glitter Samples 

7.  How to create glitter walls with no streaks and inconsistencies.

8.  Learn about the qualities of Glitter Gloss and durability on walls and furniture.